Radayeva Music Studio​
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Rimma Radayeva

"Ms. Rimma" attended Dnepropetrovsk State Collage of Music from 1990 to 1994 and earned the title of Teacher, & Concert Master, with Honors.  She obtained her Masters Degree in Music at the Donetsk Conservatory in 1999 graduating with the title of Teacher of Piano, Artist of Chamber Ensemble, and Concert Master, with specialty in Piano and Organ.  She brings with her over twenty years of teaching experience. During her career in the Ukraine "Ms. Rimma" performed as a Soloist with both the Chamber and Symphony Orchestras.
"Ms. Rimma" has worked as a Concertmaster with the Russian Children's Choir of Berkeley California, while continuing to teach privately.
Ms. Radayeva holds a California Teachers Certificate and belongs to the Music Teachers Association of California.  She has also been an instructor of Piano at the Dnepropetrovsk Children's Music School in the Ukraine and served as a judge in the Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk Regional competitions.
Many of her students continue to place highly in competitions at the United States Open Competition in Oakland California

"It is our goal to produce students who later in life can pick any sheet of music and not only perform it as it was meant to be performed but have their own opinion as to  style and accuracy.  Every style/class of music has rules that must be followed to perform it correctly.  Baroque is very different than Classical and this applies to Romantic, and Impressionist as well as Contemporary.  
It is not true that some of these steps can be skipped or are not important.  A firm foundation at each level is required before moving on to the next.  If any step is skipped it will damage the childs' ability to move forward in the future.  We believe this is important to you and it is also very important to us.
Learning music should be an enjoyable experience for each child while maintaining a high level of excellence.  It can be fun to learn and perform music, when you understand the composers' thoughts, emotions, and ideas"