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Larisa Smirnova

 Ms. Larisa Smirnova comprises the diverse talents of an accomplished musical artist: soloist, accompanist, and inspiring teacher. Born and educated in Russia, she received her Bachelor of Music in Lipezk Igumnov`s College of Music where she specialized in teaching piano, solo performance, chamber music, and accompaniment. 
Her Master’s Degree in Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy was earned at the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts where she studied piano with Professor Svetlana Karas and Professor Margarita Maslennikova.  
As a piano soloist and accompanist she has given numerous recitals in Russia Moscow, and throughout Northern California (CSU Sacramento, UC Davis, Mondavi Center, Sonoma State University among others). She has also performed with the Auburn Symphony, Folsom Symphony, Camellia Symphony, and "Camerata" California.
As a teacher and M.T.A.C. member, she has 18 years of experience teaching children and adults both in Russia, at the Moscow School Of Piano Skill, and in California, at the Marysville Charter Academy for the Arts. Many of her students have placed highly in the Tri-County Music Competition, Music in the Mountains Competition, and Grass Valley Rotary Music Competition
Her methodology represents the best of the Russian Piano Schools in the lineage of great pianists and teachers such as Blumenfeld, Neuhaus, and Igumnov. Ms. Larisas' underlying philosophy is that correct piano technique requires, the liberation of the hands from any unnecessary tension. In view of this, Larisa helps to solve technical problems by focusing each students’ attention to the quality of sound and touch, enabling them to enjoy the musical experience. 

“Joyless practicing can generate only joyless playing.”
                                                         Arthur Rubinstein 

The spirit of joy, curiosity and experimentation pervades her lessons.  Her  inspiring and lively approach supports students in their achievements. 
​“Having been blessed with excellent teachers during the whole of my musical education, I believe that the pupil-teacher relationship is extremely important for the student’s progress. Thus, my aim is to inspire their development in a dynamic, fun way by having them learn and perform exciting compositions that challenge their abilities, stimulating their growth and continue their enjoyment of music. I strongly encourage my students to attend live concerts, to perform regularly, and to expand their musical experience through ensemble playing.”