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Elena Ermilova 

 ELENA ERMILOVA - Piano and Voice teacher with over 25 years of experience teaching group and private piano lessons. Her students learn the music theory, classical, jazz, pop music, the chord system, electric keyboard skills, and basic singing. 
 Elena began her music education in Russia when she was 6yrs old. Her musical career began when she started to participate in numerous music competitions and was chosen by the music college to continue her higher music education. In 1987 Elena graduated as Piano Teacher/Classical Accompanist and received her Diploma from The Music College in Vologda, Russia. In 1993, Elena obtained her Master’s Degree Diploma from the Vologda Pedagogical University in Russia.
 After graduation she worked as a piano teacher in a Music, Art, and Choreography school. She was teaching music group lessons, instrumental and electric music band, and organized a musical theater. 
In 1995 Elena started her own music business in the US. She organized private piano lessons for children of different ages and adults. In 1999 Elena’s music education credentials were accepted by the California Music Teachers Association. Yelena taught in various music schools in Pleasanton and San Ramon. She worked as accompanist for the violin group of Kasandra Green Studio of San Ramon, CA. She was accompanist for several opera singers and owners of voice studios and their students in Walnut Creek, CA, and also played piano and organ for church services. 
 Elena organizes lessons to develop positive relationships with parents and students to ensure success of students. Her music teaching method concentrates on individual approach to every student.
Elena believes that music develops individual’s abstract thinking and makes them unique.
Students from her class are encouraged to perform in various festivals, competitions, recitals, and master classes throughout the bay area. She prepares students for ABRSM test as well as MTAC test.
“I don’t know how I could exist without music and I would like to introduce this beautiful world of joy and sanity to my students. No matter what culture we’re from everyone loves music.”