Radayeva Music Studio
1228 Quarry Lane Pleasanton, Ca. "A"

   Born in 1996 in the family of musicians, Yevheniia Bebeshko first played the piano when she was 5. At the age of 8 she started to study music in a locally recognized music school up until her graduation in 2011. During her studies, she became a multiple prize-winner of various international piano and vocal contests, some of the most significant of which were held in: Budapest, Hungary, where she won 1st place; Wien, Austria, where she was awarded first place; festival-competition in Struga, Macedonia, two 1st places in piano and vocal performances; and Poprad, Slovakia, where she gained a Bronze. The city mayor of Kiev (the capital of Ukraine and Yevheniia's hometown) recognized her achievements and awarded her with a monetary grant to express appreciation of her talent.
  In 2011 Yevheniia enrolled in Kiev Music College in the name of Glier, majoring in Music Arts, Piano and Vocal. At the same time she was still studying in high school and maintaining high grades. In 2013 she graduated from high school and in 2015 she earned her diploma with Honors, becoming certified as a Teacher of Piano, Vocal, Artist of Chamber Ensemble, and a Concert Master. Miss Jane studied and performed various styles, such as pop, jazz, rock and classic piano and vocal. Moreover, she is also qualified to introduce students to the basics of the opera singing. 
  While studying in Music College, Miss Jane was asked to assist her teachers during piano and vocal lessons with small children. These lessons served as a great hands-on experience for her while working side by side with experienced professionals. Shortly after she gained the needed experience, she started giving private music lessons to students who shared her passion for music. Her students have participated in a quantity of Ukrainian regional contests, showing high performance and good skills. She also prepares students for various other recitals, competitions, and festivals.
Techniques that Miss Jane uses in her piano and vocal classes emphasize the importance of a student’s ability to succeed in understanding their home assignments independently. These goals are accomplished by teaching students to use their vocal chords correctly as a musical instrument, to play piano technically and artistically, to read music fluently, to know basic music theory, and to freely accompany themselves on the piano.