Radayeva Music Studio Policy

This studio policy is a legal contract made between Radayeva Music Studio and the student on this date, for provision of private or group music instruction services by the studio to the student.  Student has received and read the studio policy and agrees to abide by it's provisions as a condition for the teacher to provide music lessons to the student.

Services Provided;  Private individual piano or violin lessons are provided on a weekly basis.  Group classes are a 30 min. lesson with two students in the class. 

Tuition;   Payment is due on the last lesson of the current month for the following month.  If payment is not received no lesson will be provided.  Tuition is late after the first class of the month and a 10% late fee will be charged.  
Tuition will remain the same each month regardless of the number of lessons in that month.  First months tuition will be pro-rated depending on the number of classes.

Group Classes    $80.00
15 Minute Lesson$80.00
30 Minute Lesson$160.00
45 Minute Lesson$240.00
60 Minute Lesson$320.00

Registration fee will be $30.00.  Additional fees (e.g. Recitals, testing, and materials, etc.) is not covered in the monthly tuition.  Tuition fees are subject to changes upon thirty days notice.

Payment Procedures;  Monthly tuition payments must be personally delivered to the teacher.  Acceptable methods of payment are by check or cash.  Returned checks will incur a fee of $50.00.

Makeup Lessons;  Student must provide 48 hours notice to the teacher to reschedule the class.  Without this notice the student forfeits the lessons tuition. In case of illness the teacher must receive notification before 11:00 am the day of the lesson. For Saturday and Sunday classes calls must be made before 8 p.m. the night prior to the lesson.  There will be no makeup lesson for any other reason.  Last minute cancellations or no shows will be charged since time slots are pre-reserved, those fees can not be credited or deducted.

Substitute Teachers;  Should your teacher for any reason be unable to re-schedule your class, or perform make-up classes the studio reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher.

Public Holidays;  Lessons that fall on public holidays will be re-scheduled by the teacher.  Every year from December 24th through December 30th, the studio will be closed.  There will be NO make up classes for Dec 24 thu Dec 30th. December tuition shall remain the same as other months.  Lessons that fall on December 31st and Jan 1st. will be rescheduled.

Vacations;  Teachers will suggest up to 4 make-up classes for those missed during vacation, monthly tuition applies.  If make-up lessons are not completed, teachers will not reserve your time slot and a change of teachers may be needed.  Registration fees will also be required.

Do not leave your child unattended before or after class.  Teachers will not be responsible for your child outside the classroom. 
Vehicle parking is restricted to those spots directly in front of the studio or on the street.  Do not park, walk or play across  the parking lot from the studio at any time!!!!!!

Termination of Lessons;  Students must provide 30 days written notice to terminate lessons.  When the studio terminates the lessons, tuition will be prorated according to studio make-up and cancellation policy.

The undersigned has read this policy and fully understands it's terms, conditions, and provisions.  The undersigned agrees that if any portion of this studio policy is held to be invalid then the remaining portion shall remain in full force and effect.