Sasha Kachugina has been an active cello and piano teacher, distinguished performer, and chamber and orchestra musician since 1992.
 Sasha was born in Siberian City of Novosibirsk. She started playing the cello at age seven and piano at age eight. Showing bright musical talent she was admitted to Novosibirsk Music College at age 14. Graduated with Honors she was admitted to Novosibirsk State Conservatoire of M.I. Glinka, where she graduated from with Honors in 1996. Two years later she moved to California and continued her music studies at CSU, Sacramento with Prof. Andrew Luchansky. 
Sasha holds a Bachelor Degree in Music from Novosibirsk Glinka State Conservatory, Russia, class of Cello Prof. Alexander Lapkyn, and Class of Piano Prof. Nataliya Vogralik, and Master’s Degree from CSU, Sacramento, class of Cello Prof. Andrew Luchansky.
 She has been California Artist in Residence with Apollo Arts since 2002. She has been Principal Cellist with Apollo Baroque Orchestra since 1998 and orchestra member and Assistant Principle Cellist with North State Symphony since 2004, Principle Cellist with Solano Symphony and Assistant Principal with Auburn Symphony since 2009.
 Sasha has been a member of Music Teachers’ Association of California and Certificate of Merit Evaluator since 2000. She prepares her cello and piano students for Certificate of Merit Evaluations, VOCE competition and National Piano Guild Auditions.
 Sasha started teaching at age 18. She has been teaching music and playing professionally since.
“Twenty five years of studying and teaching have shown me that music can open a door in our inner world and show us riches we did not know we possessed. I enjoy teaching children. They have such a fresh irresistible curiosity and they are so open and sincere to what moment brings. Music learning is in their nature. Children’s imagination is bottomless. I love that about them. It makes it fun to be around them. Music is like children, genuine and full of fantasy and imagination. Music and children together make a great pair of the same divine source.” (~ Sasha Kachugina)
 Sasha believes that beautiful, expressive gestures connected with our emotion and the power of imagination creates precious musical moments. She believes that music makes us all, children and adults, into better, more creative, more intelligent, and more empathetic people.

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