Children's  Lessons
Preparatory Level through Advanced 
Private Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Voice, Guitar and Percussion lessons beginning at age 5-6 years, for students from Preparatory through Advanced Level. Day, evening and group classes are offered.

Certification is also available    
An easy and fun way to learn to play any of your favorite styles of music. Classes available on evenings as well as weekends. 

Students learn to read, understand, perform and play different styles of music while developing the many skills required to achieve their goals. 
Throughout the year students have the opportunity to participate in competitions, and annual recitals.
Music Lessons for Adults 
The parents play a very important role in music lessons.  Some teachers encourage parents to attend the lessons with their children.  Even if the parents do not attend lessons, they must keep in close contact with the teacher and share in the learning process at home.  During practice time parents will have to guide the order of things to practice and read directions to the students.
1.  Parents are responsible for getting the children to the  lesson on time with all the necessary materials.

2.  Parents should understand that the child's interest may vary from week to week. Attendance at lessons and practice at home are required activities for the child. Parents should never ask the child if he/she wants to practice or go to the lesson.

3.  Teachers communication with the child is very important for success. It is necessary for the teacher to  maintain control of the class.

4.  During practice at home, parents role should be supportive but not judgmental !  Practice should be  10-15 minutes each day at a specific time.  Two brief practice times are preferable to one longer session.
1 Alfred's Music for Little Mozart's


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