Radayeva Music Studio offers private Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello ,Voice, Guitar and Percussion lessons in Pleasanton for children from Preparatory through Advanced Level as well as adults of all ages.  This studio is proud to offer the "Certificate of Merit" TM4 a program of the Music Teacher's Assoc. of California. 
(www.mtac.org). Also available are group classes for children 4, and 5 years old, developing pattern recognition while building  fundamental music skills  in a relaxed environment. 
Students learn to read, understand, perform and play different styles of music while developing the many skills required to perform successfully.
Throughout the year students have the opportunity to participate in competitions, (www.usomc.org) and annual recitals.

Our studio has professional facilities which provide an environment for learning according to the highest educational standards.
               Radayeva Music Studio
               1228 Quarry Lane Pleasanton, Ca. "A"
About Us
We know that your child's' musical education is very important to you.  We truly share your feelings and believe every child is able to develop these skills.
Radayeva Music Studio is owned and operated by Rimma Radayeva.   Ms. Radayeva holds strong beliefs that the quality of instruction being given by each of her teachers is of the very highest standards and that they share her philosophy of teaching.
Secondly we thoroughly screen and choose each teacher with a great deal of care.  All the teachers at Radayeva Music Studio come from the very best schools in Eastern Europe or the United States, and have proved their exceptional ability with their instrument or discipline as well as their dedication to teaching. 
Our entire staff is Conservatory or University trained not just students of music who merely play their instruments well.  All the teachers hold Degrees in the subjects they teach. All have taught (or currently do teach) at the college level both here in the U.S., Eastern Europe or else where. Each of our instructors have a great deal of creative experience teaching all students from beginners to advanced level.  We offer only quality instruction and begin with a firm foundation of hand position, difference in touch, ability to visualize music, and then understand it so that every student, should  they decide to do so, will be able to progress to the highest level of their musical ability. 
It is our goal to produce students who later in life can pick any sheet of music and not only perform it as it was meant to be performed but have their own opinion as to  style and accuracy.  Every style/class of music has rules that must be followed to perform it correctly.  Baroque is very different than Classical and this applies to Romantic, and Impressionist as well as Contemporary.  
It is not true that some of these steps can be skipped or are not important.  A firm foundation at each level is required before moving on to the next.  If any step is skipped it will damage the childs' ability to move forward in the future.  We believe this is important to you and it is also very important to us.
Learning music should be an enjoyable experience for each child while maintaining a high level of excellence.  It can be fun to learn and perform music, when you understand the composers' thoughts, emotions, and ideas.
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